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Stump is alive and well in Japan.
About Stump

    Stump is a drinking game played with a hammer, nails, a tree stump, and plenty of beer. The origins of Stump are shrouded in mystery, but evidence suggests it was invented in the northeast, perhaps at or near Paul Smith's College in upstate New York. A visitor to the college, A. Whitmore, upon learning of the game, had within a few months introduced it to the leaders of a summer camp in New Hampshire, where the game has flourished for years and spawned a generation of up-and-coming players.

    Since its beginnings in the Northeast, the game has moved south to New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington, D.C, through Ohio in the midwest and stretching all the way out to California, reaching San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area in the summer of 1998 and up to Washington State in 1999. In 2000, pioneers from nine different countries played what was possibly the first game of Stump on foreign soil, in a town called XiaHe in western China, and in 2003 the game arrived in Japan just in time for the cherry blossom season.

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